Look Glamorous, Yet Healthy, This Summer

Look Glamorous, Yet Healthy, This Summer

No matter how much makeup you wear or what hair color trends you adapt, the search for new beauty trends never ends and a little help is always welcome when it comes to beauty.

Casmara Skin Care


 Today, you might have your best friends or a go-to beautician to solve all your beauty problems. But there are always some basic natural hacks that you must always know to keep your skincare affair up to the mark. Making your skin look pretty and beautiful comes with keeping yourself happy from within. Not everyone knows the art to keep themselves happy and content and once you are able to manifest that, it automatically reflects on your thoughts and face.


Before you try to get beautiful from outside, this summer tries to chill and be as beautiful that you can from the inside. Once that is out of the way, keep company with your very own trusted beauty & wellness products that will help you regain the softness and tenderness in this unbearable heat.


When it comes to skin care, your skin type determines which steps should be there in your regimen and which ingredients and formula would nourish your skin completely. But as it turns out there is one other factor you need to consider to make sure that your skin always stays in fighting form. And while plenty of product is designed to work for all skin types, those with deeper skin tones may have specific needs that always requires special attention.


Women with high pigmentation in the skin will face different skin aging concerns than women with a lighter tone. For instance, one of the first aging concerns for a woman is lines and wrinkles, and hence if these small problems which if not fixed at the right time makes it difficult later on to cope up with such issues.




If you have a deeper skin tone, the excess melanin can hide your laugh lines and also protects the deeper into skin layer from the sunlight that often results in skin cancer. And if you are one of those pretty damsels with a lighter skin tone, then you should be using a lot of skin care moisturizers, sunscreens and revitalizing creams to keep your skin supple and hydrated.


While this all might sound a bit overwhelming for you, we got a quick solution in hand. Head over to our new-look website www.esskaybeauty.in, and dive within the Casmara section. Casmara with its over 40 years of high-tech cosmetic innovations is inspired by tradition and experience to bring high-end cosmetic solutions for you.

Casmara Mask



They are the manufacturers of skin rejuvenating products essential for summers including Activating Gels, Age Defense Treatments, Anti-Oxidant Peel Off Masks, Balancing Serums, Cleansers, and Moisturizing/Nourishing Creams, Firming Creams and the likes. With over 50 varied products to choose from along with a range of Peel Off Masks, Casmara brings to you the most varied range of Facial and Body Care and offers the very best of Facial Hygiene which is a must in Summers.


This is why we hugely recommend Casmara for fulfilling all the latent requirements of your skin. While on one hand, its most rejuvenating masque along with the ampoules will make your skin feel like never before by its rejuvenating properties that reach to pores and let them stay oxygenated; on the other, its Skin Firming Solution adds more youth to your glowing skin.





Come meet Casmara to experience the new wave of skin care rejuvenation; one that your skin will thank you for ages.


Casmara Products are marketed exclusively in India by Esskay Beauty Resources. Log onto https://www.esskaybeauty.in/brands/casmara.html for more

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