The Secret to Glowing Skin!

The Secret to Glowing Skin!

"Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying make up, to enhance natural beauty and create natural healthy looking skin." ~Caroline Frazer

The festive season is finally here and the wait is finally over. All year round don't we all just keep waiting for this time to come so that we can show our most prettiest self off?
Indian Festive Season has always been a source of attraction for all and rightfully so! The traditions and rituals go back to early ages and alot of faith, trust and respect of every Indian.

The season of joy and happiness also unintentionally invites a lot of pollution and doubles the work needed for the preparation which is tiring and makes the skin look dull. Pollution also invites dark spots and irregularities. Tired skin looks baggy and loses the glow of the face. It is also said that if the skin is tired the chances of your persona and vibe goes down the hill as well.

Bad Skin=Bad Mood

Now, who would want to look bad and groggy in all the pictures of festivals, right?
Worry not, because we've got your back. We handpicked keeping in mind the need of the time and you're in for a luxury treat(ment)!

Pièl Nacar Treatment

Crossing down all the obstacles to the road of good skin, this treatment from Casmara is a unique and exclusive line of facials leaving your skin with a clarifying and lightening effect. With Melanostatine, Whitonyl and Bio white it avoids an excessive  production of melanin, prevents darkening of melanin pigment and lightens the already present dark pigment. The end product is your skin glowing with a radiance of its own that is extremely rejuvenating
Pump up the excitement and get your hands on Piel Nacar Treatment to shine at all the festive occasions!
All Casmara products are exclusive to Esskay Beauty Resources.

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